NHBF urges Government to Work on Post-Lockdown Measures

by eleanor / last updated April 17, 2020

NHBF government advice lockdown

With the Government announcing a further three-week lockdown, the National Hair and Beauty Federation is urging the Government to support hair salons and barbershops by guiding them on the measures to be taken once the lockdown is over.

A recent NHBF Member survey suggests that 95% are expecting to re-open their hair salons and barbershops once the coronavirus lockdown is lifted, however, there are concerns about how these businesses can operate once hairdressers and barbershops are allowed to open.

“Many people – employees and clients – will be nervous about catching or spreading the virus even when the lockdown is lifted,” says NHBF president, Ian Egerton. “My salon is in a busy area of London and I think it will be a long time before people will feel comfortable mixing with others in the workplace or on public transport.”

“It is impossible to avoid physical contact in salons and it’s hard to see how social distancing can be maintained. These were the reasons why we urged the government to order salons to shutdown, even though initially they didn’t impose any restrictions,” he adds.

Hilary Hall, NHBF chief executive added: “We believe that extending the current lockdown is the right thing to do until the coronavirus is under control. In the meantime, we’re urging the Government to work with us on a plan to lift restrictions.”

The NHBF is calling for Government to provide an outline on what types of businesses can open once the lockdown is lifted, as well as what measures need to be taken to comply with social distancing.

“It must be clear which businesses can re-open, when they can re-open and what restrictions will apply. Many salons and barbershops will be worried about staff and client safety so it’s vital that they get clear guidance on issues like how social distancing will work in practice for salons and barbershops, what personal protective equipment must be worn – not only by the people working in salons and barbershops, but also by clients,” says Hall.

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