NHBF Encourages Hair Industry to Ignore Media Speculation

by laurahusband / last updated April 24, 2020

NHBF media speculation

The NHBF has issued a statement this morning advising hair salons to ignore media speculation about when salons will reopen.

This is following a number of news outlets such as The Sun, Daily Mail and The Mirror reporting  that one UK Government advisory body has suggested hair salons should remain closed for another six months due to safety reasons.

NHBF urges industry to ignore media speculation and wait for official government policy

The NHBF’s chief executive Hilary Hall has said in an official statement: “There is a lot of speculation in the media today about when salons can reopen. This information has come from just one of the independent advisory bodies to the UK Government, but this is not Government policy.”

She added: “We feel this type of speculation is very unhelpful and damaging to the industry. Less than a week ago the media published a very different date for when salons might reopen. The NHBF only report on what is Government policy – not speculation.”

In fact, there are a number of European countries that have made hair salons the first businesses to reopen post-lockdown. Denmark has seen hair salon booking websites crash due to demand since making the decision to reopen them. While, Germany, Norway and Switzerland have also included hair salons in their list of businesses that can reopen first. 

Outside of Europe, Dubai has announced that hair salons and barbershops can start welcoming clients again but clients must book in advance. 

Hilary is encouraging the hair industry to follow the NHBF’s official social channels and to read the open access resources that are available on the NHBF website. 

Please click here to read Hairdressers Journal International’s latest updates relating to how the coronavirus is affecting the hair industry as well as how you can benefit from the official schemes in place from the UK Government during lockdown. 

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