New UK Employment Strategy Targets Hair Sector

by laurahusband / May 15, 2018

employment strategy

The UK Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2018-19, which was published last week plans to actively target hairdressing and barbering businesses that underpay apprentices.

The focus on the hair sector is due to one in five hairdressing apprentices being underpaid in 2017. The new recommendations from this report also include encouraging the HMRC to enforce holiday pay and helping employees to recover holiday pay arrears.

The report suggests making a payslip essential for all workers, including those paid on an hourly basis. Plus, employers may need to provide a statement of rights for every new employee within a week of starting employment using a government-provided template.

NHF chief executive Hilary Hall said: “The NHF has always stressed the importance of having legally drawn up contracts of employment, plus a handbook for all employees, including apprentices. This ensures employers and employees both know exactly where they stand right from the outset.  In a climate of increasingly tough enforcement, having the right processes and documents in place will be essential if salons want to avoid big fines and public naming and shaming.”

She added: “We handle 25,000 calls a year and the top reason for those calls is employers struggling to calculate holiday pay accurately because part-time working is common and hours are often irregular and change frequently.  Employers also need to be sure that holiday pay reflects what an employee would normally have earned if they had been at work, including bonuses and commissions. On a more positive note, HMRC are being encouraged to be more supportive when businesses ask for advice.”

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