This is How a Fresh Trim Affects a Client’s Mood and Wellbeing

by hjiadmin / last updated August 27, 2019

wahl survey

Wahl’s latest survey, conducted by YouGov, revealed that maintained personal grooming can have an effect on a man’s overall wellbeing and outlook on life.

The figures reveal that even though 81% of men feel most confident in the two-week period after a haircut or beard trim, 70% leave the hairstyle for over a month between trims.

Because of the time left between cuts, seven out of ten men have a lack of confidence in everyday life because of their hair – all while a simple solution is close at hand.

Researchers found that this lack of confidence can have a significant impact on a man’s life, especially in social and work situations. It seems that a fresh cut gives 32% of men the confidence to deal with challenging work situations.

Also, 81% of the men questioned share that they will feel more confident in social situations, comparing to 84% of men who feel negative when they go out without a fresh cut or beard trim.

Sam Campagna, a Wahl ambassador from Alternative Barbering Co, confirms the difference in her clients’ attitude before and after their haircut. She says: “I see the boost a fresh cut can give a guy, but the difference from when they leave one visit to when they come back in a month later is quite distinct. It’s so simple to have an at-home refresh. You don’t need to be sat in the barber’s chair every week to be at your peak!”

Research for this survey was carried out among 2 100 UK males, ranging from 30 to 55  on their personal grooming habits and the importance of a haircut.

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