The Man Mullet is Back! Good News or Bad News?

by charlottegw / last updated September 13, 2019

mullets men 2019 Pete burkill

The mullet – possibly one of the most divisive trends ever – could be making a return to popular culture, in part thanks to its starring role in Stranger Things. Made famous in the 1970s and 1980s by musicians and actors, the iconic hairstyle is re-emerging albeit with a slight refresh.

First cut

Business in the front and party in the back, the mullet isn’t a style for the fainthearted. “The mullet’s really unique in that it suits anyone that has the confidence to pull it off,” says The Bluebeard’s Revenge ambassador Callum Marks, head barber at Luka’s Barbers. Callum continues, “I’d say it works best for people with fairly thick and straight hair, especially if it’s darker.” Today, many mullet styles have a slight curl at the end of the hair, emphasising length.

How can the look be maintained at home?

Volume is key with mullets – Callum explains that a pre-styling product is essential when caring for one. “I’d recommend spritzing the Bluebeards Revenge Sea Salt Spray into the hair while damp, and then blow drying it.” Texture can be added to the mullet using a matt clay, and the look can be finished by applying a little hairspray to hold the style in place.

mullets men 2019 callum marks creates a mullet

How does the modern mullet compare to its counterpart of the 1970s and 1980s?

“The main differences are in the techniques that are used to create the look. It’s more about creating texture and movement throughout the style,” says Callum. The party in the back is no longer the main focus of the mullet, with far more technique being considered when creating the look.

Is the mullet a trend that is here to stay?

“Unfortunately, I think not!” Callum comments. Though the hairstyle might work well for those who lead a more alternative lifestyle, he thinks that the mullet is unlikely to become a style of the masses.

The featured image was created by Pete Burkill on the HJ Men stage at Salon International 2018. 

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