Mintel Reveals 2019 Consumer Trends – This is What it Means for Salons

by charlottegw / last updated October 5, 2018

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Mintel has revealed six key consumer trends impacting industries and markets around the world. In 2019 and beyond, the global consumer landscape is set to change with the key themes of privacy, individuality, wellness, convenience and connectivity coming into play.

We dissect the Mintel Consumer Trends and show how the salon industry can, and is already, responding.

Total Wellbeing
Mintel says:
Consumers are treating their bodies like an ecosystem and seeking solutions that complement their personal health and evolving needs.
Industry response: Michael van Clarke in Marylebone is set to launch a £5m personal training and wellness centre next to their salon and already has a healthy deli area within the salon. “The ethos at Michael Van Clarke Salon is ‘Live Well, Live Beautiful’ and this perfectly fits our clients’ desires and behaviours,” explains Michael. “Our clientele visit the salon looking for more than just a great haircut, they’re looking to enhance their overall wellbeing. It was my vision to create a Deli-style area that allows people to relax and enjoy the seasonal menu on offer. The wellbeing of my clients is very important, and The Deli provides easy access to healthy and tasty food, snacks and smoothies. Importantly this service is also available for our staff, as their wellbeing is just as important to us.”

The Nation is Rethinking Plastic
Mintel says:
As consumers continue to challenge brands over the perils of plastic waste, the development of recyclable products and packaging that are convenient for consumers to separate will be critical.
Industry response: Kevin Murphy announced an initiative in September to re-work its square shaped bottles to be made from 100% recycled ocean waste plastic. Brand founder Kevin Murphy explains: “We’re hoping to start an industry-wide conversation about the heart of the issue; safe packaging disposal and a commitment to keep our planet as beautiful as the day is was formed. Through our new project we have projected to save the planet over 360 tons of new plastic each year. It’s an essential change to help clean up our oceans, make us truly sustainable and protect our environment for future generations.”

On Display
Mintel says: Consumers and brands are becoming more aware that they have a digital persona to nurture and grow, creating a tension as everyone fights for attention and nobody is safe from scrutiny.
Industry response: Since the rise of Facebook and more recently Instagram, the team at Ishoka realised the need to embrace this new way of communicating in order to not only connect with clients, but to also extend the reach to new and potential clients. Senior Ishoka team member, Alison Pilichos oversees their social media working alongside Becca and Justin explains their strategy: “Our Facebook page itself is updated daily with a mixture of salon news and has grown to 3.5k likes, and in the past 28 days has achieved a reach of 8,000. We decided that our Instagram feed was going to be a place where we told clients our own story, of what is happening in the salon on a daily basis. Using the relevant hashtags such as the location of your salon and engaging with others in your local area is essential to ensure you are connecting with the right people. We also hashtag the brands used to create a specific look as that also creates awareness of the salon. Here in Aberdeen we work with local bloggers too which helps reach more potential clients in the area.”

Redefining Adulthood
Mintel says: The concept of what it means to be an adult has changed beyond recognition and consumers are adapting to lives that don’t fit the mould.
Industry response: Salons such as Brooks & Brooks has seen a rise in so-called ‘professional’ women getting more adventurous and playful with their hair colour and cuts. Sally Brooks says: “As long as a colour and cut are well executed, so that the look is bespoke to the individual client, there is no reason why more mature professionals can’t stand out and be unique in a workplace. There is a strong movement towards individuality at the moment, and hair is something that can achieve this for a client quicker than anything they wear, especially when colour comes into play.”

And two more trends that are trickier to adopt in the salon, but still good to know about! 

Challenge accepted
Mintel says:
A growing momentum to take on new challenges is driving consumers to reach new heights and uncover new passions.

Social Isolation
Mintel says:
Constant digital connectivity, where physical interactions are replaced with digital updates, can increase feelings of loneliness, social isolation and depression, creating a demand for products and services that help consumers learn to disconnect.

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