5 Mindfulness Tips For a Happier and More Productive Salon Team

by hjiadmin / last updated May 15, 2020

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Your salon is a reflection of the team within it making it incredibly important to ensure yourself and your team feel fulfilled. This is where mindfulness comes in handy. Being aware and considerate towards your team’s feelings and attitudes allows for easy improvements to motivation and group dynamics. Not sure where to start the process? SESH salon owner Simon Hill has provided his 5 top tips to help you on the way to having a happier team.

1. Consider the atmosphere of your salon.

According to Simon, this is ‘one of the most important steps’. He said: “At SESH I have always been conscious of creating a salon in which my team would feel at ease. I believe this encourages communication and discussion which leads to quicker resolutions when faced with challenges and also allows your team to collaborate and develop much more effectively. This ‘open door policy’ is established through effective leadership and management and encouraging each of your team members to be confident and concise when communicating. This will not only benefit your team but also your clients as each team member should feel confident in their ability to communicate and advise their clients.”

2. Giving back to your team

Investing in your team’s wellbeing is important and can help improve employee motivation. Simon reinforced the importance of this by saying: “As stylists especially, we tend to work rather long hours with little breaks and I find taking this time to centre ourselves and take some ‘me’ time motivates us as a team.”. He recommends a team activity recalling: “last year we worked with Pound exercise class to encourage the team to exercise and release endorphins . We also paired up with local meal prep company 80/20 to provide them with nutritious meals and educate them on the importance of a balanced diet in terms of their wellbeing and health. Each year I try something new and the feedback from the team is always glowingly positive – definitely a great way to boost morale and encourage a healthier, happier team.” This leads on to…

3. Team bonding

“In order to ensure your team are happy and content at work, I think it is crucial to socialise together outside of the salon.” Simon points out that this doesn’t just mean the annual Christmas meal and stresses: ” it is important to maintain this throughout the year where possible, and remember that it doesn’t always have to revolve around alcohol.This release of energy as a team is a brilliant way to bond and strengthen as a team and often you will find that you develop strengths that will positively benefit the salon whilst at work too.” He suggests activities such as Go Karting that are fun and budget friendly.

4. Cleanliness

Clearing clutter and creating a space with your team is essential for mindfulness. Simon explains: “Creating a clean and clear space for your team to work from allows them to think clearly and openly. At SESH I opted for a predominantly white interior as this embodies freshness , providing a blank canvas for creativity to flow. The salon is open and provides each team member with ample space to work which I believe is also important.” This tip doesn’t only apply to the salon floor: “This should translate into your back of house area too, when your staff only areas are free from clutter and mess, your team are more likely to relax and reflect throughout their breaks.”

5. Digital Detox

Most of us are never far from our phones, relying on it for news and entertainment however, Simon believes this can be detrimental whilst at work. “I discourage the use of mobile phones on the salon floor for a number of reasons, one benefit of this is the happiness and mindfulness of your team. Checking their phones during working hours, looking at what their friends are up to not only has a negative impact from your client’s perspective but can to dampen the spirits of your team too”. He concludes: “Logging on can leave your team feeling envious and slightly deflated. Encouraging them to interact with other clients during their quiet spells on the other hand is a much more effective way of spending time and you will most likely find that your team will begin to pick up on smaller jobs around the salon that need tending to.”

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