Millie Bobby Brown Tries TikTok’s Vanilla Almond Butter Blonde

by Sian Jones / last updated May 30, 2022

Millie Bobby Brown vanilla almond butter

Summer is just around the corner and with that it comes a viral TikTok hair colour trend and according to the social media platform, red hair is out and vanilla almond butter blonde is in.

Vanilla almond butter, as the name suggests, is a nutty hair colour with darker tones at the roots of the hair that blend into a mix of golden and icy blonde highlights throughout, transitioning to lighter, soft ends.

This viral shade is sure to be a popular reference for salons this summer, after the icy tips were showcased by hair colourist and TikTok user Chrissy Rasmussen. Chrissy, whose original post now boasts over 4.5 million views, used the name to show off a shade of hair extensions by Habit Hair Extensions by EasiHair Pro, and her followers enthusiastically showed their love in the comments.


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♬ as it was x cruel summer x deja vu – matty james

Now it looks like Millie Bobby Brown has jumped on the TikTok trend too after the Stranger Things star debuted her new vanilla almond butter blonde tones on Jimmy Fallon with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, but the natural brunette really let her hair down at the Stranger Things 4 Premier with beach waves and bangs. Millie isn’t afraid to try new looks and famously shaved her head for the role of Eleven, so who knows what trend she’ll try out next?

Millie Bobby Brown blonde vanilla almond butter

Vanilla almond butter is set to be a top request from clients this summer, which is no surprise considering an increasing appetite for effortless styles with minimal up-keep. This blonde look does just that with its softer, undone aesthetic that will grow out naturally. Whilst this new buttery hair colour looks great on longer locks it also works on shorter hairstyles, and as long as clients have the roots to blend its a refreshingly easy restyle for clients wanting to achieve a natural-looking sun-kissed look.

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