Miley Cyrus’ New Lob Is The Ideal Post-Mullet Haircut

by Sian Jones / last updated May 27, 2022

miley cyrus

Wondering what haircut to suggest to clients who are growing out a mullet? Miley Cyrus’ new lob could offer some good inspiration.

Miley Cyrus recently stepped out in New York City with a lob, which is quite the departure from her recent rock ‘n’ roll haircuts which have included the shag, the wolf cut and of course the 80s/Billy-Ray Cyrus inspired mullet.

We know Miley loves to switch it up, and as other celebs such as Billie Eilish, Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne and Demi Lovato had adopted the mullet, she had already moved on to the shag before graduating to a wolf cut. Now she has grown out her layers into a lob.

“By opting for a choppy lob cut, Miley has successfully transitioned from the mullet – a more grown-up style that still retains the edge and attitude she is known for,” explains Tim Scott Wright, The Hair Surgery owner. “I see references to Debbie Harry in this look and for anyone one who remembers the trend for contrast colours in the early 2000’s, dark underneath and light on top, get ready for a comeback!”

Miley debuted her latest look on Instagram with a picture of her heading out in a black Galliano mini dress to complete the look, before showing a more ruffled look just one day later. Her sleek, polished cut sits just below her collar-bone with a swooping side parting, taking us out of the 80s and straight into the early 00s. Miley has also kept her famous two-tone colour for her latest cut, sticking with the peroxide blonde and grungy black lower layers to give it some edge.

miley cyrus mullet lob

Although it was unlikely the mullet trend would stick around for long, we didn’t think we’d see the pop-rocker sporting a look that’s not quite as bold as the last.

Clients who are ready to leave the mullet behind may have been looking towards Miley for their next look, so will we see more requests for the lob later in the year?

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