What Grooming Resolutions Are Men Making for 2019?

by hjiadmin / last updated February 5, 2019

mens grooming resolutions

With a new year comes a new mentality and for men that is now extending to their grooming regime. At least that’s what a recent survey from The Bluebeards Revenge has found. The research revealed that 73% of men are planning to make grooming resolutions in 2019.

Almost half of the men who took part in the male grooming brand’s survey revealed they’re looking for a fresh hairstyle for 2019. While 33% of them are going for ‘designer’ stubble or a new beard.

Bradley Wicks, The Bluebeards Revenge’ head of content and social media believes an increased concern for image amongst men can be attributed to the constant projection self, prompted by social media. He says: “We currently live in a very social-media savvy world, as a result, men are finally starting to learn the benefits of self-grooming – whether that’s looking after their skin, the hair on the heads, their beards, or even hair in more private regions!” Continuing on from that he said: “We’re always advertising ourselves in today’s society and we work hard at branding ourselves; creating an image that we want to portray.”

Wondering why a new ‘do is at the top of the list for so many men? Barbershop manager Callum Marks can offer some clarity. He reminded us: “A new hairstyle is one of the quickest and easiest resolutions to tick off the list. Unlike eight months of hard work in the gym, it can drastically change the look and feel of a man in 45 minutes.”.

So what changes should we be looking out for? 

More length! Perhaps surprisingly, 60% of men who said they would change their cut suggested that they would go for a mid length cut or even something on the verge of long. This could be attributed to changing attitudes towards longer hair. Previously, long hair may have been seen as too feminine or ‘hippie’ for men. However, thanks to celebrities like David Beckham and Jason Moma of Aquaman, “longer hairstyles are now associated with ‘rebellious cool’ and are the results of celebrity influences,” says Wicks.

Facial hair will not be forgotten in this either. More men will be adopting designer stubble also known as a 5 o’clock shadow. They’ll be a popular choice as “they enhance stronger jaw lines and creating a new smart-casual vibe that’s been accepted as office etiquette” according to Marks. This will mean more men will be investing in beard grooming products and equipment offering you great opportunities to sell in 2019.

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