How Many Men Colour Their Hair? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

by hjiadmin / last updated August 27, 2019

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Millennial men are using hair colour more frequently, according to the latest research from Mintel.  Unfortunately, for the professional industry at least, they are turning to box dye.

According to Mintel’s Hair Colourants report, more 16-24 year-old men are opting to dye their hair than ever before. Statistics show that 46% of this age group turned to hair colour in 2019, compared to 38% of men in 2018. However it’s important to note that this was a survey conducted on at-home hair dye, rather than in-salon colour services.

Clearly there is a demand for colour, so this begs the questions – are you promoting your salon colour services and your professional expertise to men?

Men’s hair colour inspiration

When it comes to their inspiration, one in five (19%) male at-home colour users admit they took inspiration from celebrities and social media personalities.

Alex Fisher, associate director for beauty & personal care at Mintel explains: “Major celebrities like Zac Efronand Zayn Malik, and 2019 Love Island contestant Jordan Hames have debuted bleached or vibrant coloured hair recently, which has resulted in young men feeling encouraged to express their individualism through their hair colour.”

They are an experimental bunch indeed – less than half of them used the same colour they have always used when they last dyed their hair.

The men’s hair colour at-home market

Overall, sales of at-home colourants market declined in value by 2% falling to £311 million. The market value of semi-permanent colour grew by 1% from 2017-18 to reach £13.2 million. In contrast, permanent colour fell by 2% to £218 million.

Research for this survey was carried out among 2000 internet users aged 16+ in April 2019.

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