Men are Spending How Much on Beauty Treatments?

by charlottegw / last updated February 22, 2019

men beauty treatments

A new survey has revealed that men are spending more than women on beauty treatments per year, spending £3,366.35. In contrast, women spend an average of £3,059.91 annually. Read on to find out which treatments are proving most popular.

The report by business management software company MINDBODY delved into Britons’ attitudes towards the beauty industry, to determine the most often-booked beauty treatments, how much is spent on them (per year) and the most popular ways to book them.

The results

Based on how often they have the treatment (per year) and how much money they spend each time, on average, the five most popular and lucrative beauty treatments among men within the UK, are…

  1. Hair cut (£329.77)
  2. Massage (£214.77)
  3. Teeth whitening (£188.27)
  4. Spa (£185.91)
  5. Hair styling (£184.46)

Men are spending more money on hair-related treatments, per year, then any other treatment. Surprising treatments include massages and teeth whitening – both possible services to add to your salon or barbershop. Guys are also spending more on beauty treatments per year as they tend to get them done more frequently, so introducing or adding to your existing male beauty and grooming offerings could help increase custom and boost revenue for your business.

How are Britons booking their beauty treatments?

Of the men MINDBODY surveyed, the most popular way to book their treatments is to book their treatments in person (33%), followed by booking over the phone (24%).

Electronic bookings didn’t prove as popular, with only 13% of men admitting they preferred booking through a salon’s website. And although app bookings were the least popular, with just 5% of men revealing that they use the appropriate app to book their treatments, this could be an indication that the app technology that salons are using are in need of an update. Investing in a new, user-friendly business management app software could help to encourage and increase app bookings.

This survey is a positive result for the male grooming industry and certainly provides food for thought when it comes to adding male beauty services to your business.


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