Megix|10: The Future of Hair Colour

by kieran / last updated November 18, 2021

Megix|10 model

Introducing Megix|10, a low ammonia permanent colour system that works, with a revolutionary technology that differs from other 10 minute colours on the market.

With 92 shades to choose from, it guarantees grey coverage with only 10 minutes of exposure. Perform up to 67% more colour services every month, increase your salon income and stand out from the competition with Megix|10!

Why was Megix|10 created?

Nowadays many clients are balancing work and family commitments and often struggle to find upwards of two hours to spend in a salon receiving a colour service. Or, when they do have time, it is often difficult getting an appointment.

This is especially relevant in today’s uncertain times where a lot of clients are just not comfortable spending long periods in a salon setting. Clients need a professional colouring service that is fast, convenient, and efficient.

Mowan dedicated itself to responding to this need, developing Megix|10 which reduces processing time by being more chemically efficient, not aggressive. The dermatologically tested formula now leads the way for all the Mowan range, with every product made with the intention of efficiency.

Megix|10 model on chair

Why should I bring Megix|10 to my salon?

Megix|10 allows you to acquire new customers by offering more efficient services and at the same time increasing your salon revenue. It’s a unique concept – working less without making less – all while giving the client their time back.

How does Megix|10 work in 10 minutes?

Megix|10 uses Spectrum technology based on high-quality micro pigments that combine more quickly than conventional pigments. In addition, Megix|10 is non-progressive, which means that the colour will stop processing after 10 minutes.

Need an all-new colour system that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency for accuracy? Look no further than Megix|10.

Megix|10 products

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