Mazella and Palmer Launch a Hairdressing Teacher Training Course in London

by charlottegw / last updated August 10, 2018

Mazella and palmer hairdressing teacher training

Mazella and Palmer are running a hairdressing teacher training course in London. We quizzed the duo on what the course entails and why it’s a must for educators.

Why did you decide to run a teacher training course?
This was part of the curriculum right from the start of Mazella&Palmer. Our goal as educators is to share the fullness of our knowledge to the whole hairdressing industry. When our students have achieved all the M&P courses, a majority of them want to work on their teaching skills. It is a very popular course at present as there are more and more educators out there who want to strengthen their education skills – we just completed a Teacher Training course in Lithuania and another one in the USA. The first Teacher Training London course is coming soon, which we are very excited about!

How is the course structured?
The course is broken down into three parts. Firstly it’s the understanding of lecturing – knowing and sharing your knowledge verbally to students, i.e. how to set up your lecture area, your powerpoint skills and all other tools required to be the most accurate and as organised as possible. You have to learn how to stand in front of an audience, the importance of the tone of voice and all aspects of your body language are an essential part of this course’s learning process. The second part is about demonstration skills. Students learn everything they need to know about the art of demonstration, from preparing their model, (whether that’s a real model or dolls head) and setting up the demonstration area (tools, stage, products, laminates to draw your techniques, chairs for attendees, projectors etc…) to the delivery of the information itself, with a particular attention to the body position and body language while making sure they always keep their audience in control. The final part is the work session. During this we work very closely with the students, which is why we love it so much! Once they’ve understood how to set up the area they learn everything there is to know about how to pass information while cutting or colouring hair with their students. From sectioning, cutting and products application to blow drying and finally outlines – this is the complete understanding of knowledge sharing.

Why did you decide to keep the attendee number low?
For this specific course, we cannot register more than 5 to 6 students per session. This is mainly due to the fact that they will have to deliver lectures, demonstrations and teach each other during the workshop session. Keeping this number low allows us to give them as much attention as we possibly can so that they can get the most from this course.

What do you think are the main gaps in educators knowledge or what skills could they improve?
To be honest, we ourselves (all M&P educators) maintain a very high in-house teacher-training programme. We believe that you have to work and train the hardest you can to be the very best in your industry. To us, there will always be room from improvement, whether you are a young or very established educator.

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