Should There Be a Statutory Maximum Workplace Temperature?

by hjiadmin / last updated September 20, 2018

maximum workplace temperature

MP’s are recommending the government to consider introducing a maximum workplace temperature to reduce the risk of heat stress. Reviewing building regulations to prevent overheating, relaxed dress codes and flexible working during heatwaves where additional recommendations made in a new report from the parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee.

Currently, the law says that employers must maintain a reasonable temperature of at least 16 degrees in the workplace (13 degrees if you work outside), but it does not specify a maximum temperature.

Hillary Hall, NHF Chief Executive said: “Salons can be hot workplaces in any weather, not only for the people working in them but for clients too. So it makes sense to keep everyone as cool and comfortable as possible. Our health and safety toolkit for salons, includes practical suggestions for reducing heat stress.”

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