Mariah Carey Shares ‘Sad Attempt’ of The Rachel Haircut

by eleanor / last updated June 3, 2021

Maria Carey The Rachel Hair

After Friends: The Reunion aired last week, Mariah Carey took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her performing, with a nod to Rachel Green’s iconic ‘The Rachel’ from the show.

The post was captioned: “#FBF A sad attempt at the Rachel hairdo 😂 #friends”

Mariah Carey and The Rachel Hair

The image shows Mariah Carey with a half up hair style, a side parted fringe and soft layers, clearly reminiscing on her Friends-inspired hair style while performing.

However, Friends actress Jennifer Aniston begged to differ, commenting: “LOVE IT 🔥” on the singer’s Instagram post, in awe of the nod to Rachel Green’s iconic look.

‘The Rachel’ hairstyle has become a cultural icon, with many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus admitting they once experimented with the now iconic haircut. In fact, since Friends: The Reunion aired, searches for ‘The Rachel Green Hairstyle’ are up 179%, according to Just My Look, and no doubt will we see a resurgence to the nostalgic style in salons.

Jennifer Aniston has sported various hair looks during the show’s tenure, and these are the most popular Rachel hair styles from Friends ranked by the public, including her characteristic layers and bangs.

But ‘The Rachel’ wouldn’t be anywhere without the iconic golden colour. Jennifer Aniston’s colourist, Michael Canalé, spoke exclusively to Hairdressers Journal on creating the colour for Rachel Green’s character, as well as Jennifer Aniston’s most iconic hair moments from her career.

“After the initial colour was made with paper-thin highlights, we used the original colour bath to blend the highlights close to the roots and make the elongated hair lighter,” says Michael on creating the colour for her character on the show.

Want to know more about the iconic style? You won’t believe these facts about the infamous Rachel haircut.

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