How To Maintain Your Clients’ Long Sexy Hair

by kate woods / last updated April 6, 2018

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From the red carpet to the catwalk to the high street one thing is very clear: long hair is always in fashion. Whether your clients have naturally long locks or are faking it with extensions, long hair takes love, care attention to maintain properly.

And this is where Long Sexy Hair comes in.

Hairdressers know that the number one struggle their long-haired clients face is keeping the hair properly moisturised all the way to the ends. Without proper moisture, hair becomes brittle and prone to excessive dryness, dullness, and damage.

Each product in the Long Sexy Hair range has been infused with Moringa Oil and Biotin to tackle the key issues of longer locks, ensuring that the hair is manageable, moisturised, and shiny.


All quality hair care starts with the shampoo and conditioner. Long Sexy Hair Luxurious Shampoo and Conditioner is colour safe and works to give your clients unbeatable shine and intense moisture.


Brushes stuck in hair? That’s a thing of the past with Long Sexy Hair Luxe Detangling Spray. Simply spray and brush out, no knots or tangles invited! This retail-friendly spray promises up to 82% better detangling, meaning less breakage and easier manageability.

And what’s a good style without a good blow dry? Long Sexy Hair has something for that too. Luxe Blow Out spray locks in moisture and keeps hair shiny during the blow dry process to reduce damage and breakage.

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You know that the secret to extending the longevity of a good blow dry is to reduce the number of washes, but that comes at a price. No longer! Long Sexy Hair Luxe Dry Shampoo is the product every client needs as part of their aftercare routine.

Soft and gentle, this dry shampoo gives long hair new life between washes. Like the rest of the range, Luxe Dry Shampoo locks in moisture and shine to prolong the life of extensions and give long hair some extra care.

Long Sexy Hair and Sexy Hair is available exclusively at Alan Howard. For more information and to arrange a meeting with your local Business Development Manager, click here.

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