L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Run Le Hair Show Is Back For a Second Episode

by charlottegw / last updated August 26, 2021

run le hair show second episode

The second episode of L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Run Le Hair Show will be going live on 19 September – it follows the success of the first episode, which garnered over 2 million views around the globe.

The next episode will be going live with some more incredible global artists, with a focus on the new-in salon service, French Glossing.

HJ spoke to L’Oréal Professionnel Paris global general manager, Anne Mache to find out more…

Why was Run Le Hair Show developed? Was it a reaction to the pandemic or has it always been in the pipeline?

The idea existed before and the pandemic only accelerated our desire to make it happen. Run Le Hair Show
is deeply connected to our mission as the leader of the hairdressing industry: to showcase professional talent to the world, so more and more people want to become hairdressers and more and more clients want to go and visit them. 

In many industries, there are already initiatives such as Chef’s Table for chefs, Glow Up for makeup artists, or Project Runway for fashion. However nothing existed for hairdressers, so we felt we should create it. The show became even more relevant as the first lockdowns arrived throughout the world. 

The Covid-19 crisis was a very difficult period, and it was more important than ever for the profession to shine, to be vocal, and to get new inspiration.  

How did it feel to get over 2 million views around the globe for the first episode?

We are tremendously proud of those results! The audience that we have for the first episode of the show is mixed, made of both hairdressers and the general public. And very global, coming from the entire world. It’s thrilling to be able to inspire so many people around the profession.  And I guarantee that for episode 2, we will go even further.

Can you reveal which global artists you will be going live with for the second Run Le Hair Show?

Of course! In addition to our three amazing hosts, Charlie Le Mindu, Min Kim and Peggy Frey, I can already reveal that for episode 2 we will feature Nabil Harlow in La Masterclass. Nabil is a French hair artist with a solid career that started in New York. He is renowned for his sharp eye for fashion and aesthetics. His work is incredibly delicate and precise. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. 

In addition to La Masterclass, Pro Secrets will reveal new business and technical advice from Washington Nunnes from Brazil, Berni Ottjes from the Netherlands, and Cha Hong from South Korea.

La Revue is also a great segment that features the work of many other artists, including very talented ones from the UK.

What will be the focus for the second Run Le Hair Show

The saga continues with « COLOR, COLOR, COLOR », an in-depth exploration of all things colour, from a deep dive into the science, to a playful review of the hottest hair colour trends of the season. 

In La Masterclass, Nabil Harlow will teach you our new and exclusive technique for coloration: French Glossing. Tailored by pros, this new in-salon service with a 2-step coloration technique inspired by our French savoir-faire, delivers a unique seamless gradient colour with an exclusive and professional glossing treatment.

At HJ we’re always looking at things positively, what have been the upsides of the pandemic for the industry?

I agree with you, there is always a silver lining! The pandemic and all the lockdowns it triggered was definitely a very harsh moment for the industry, but there were positive outcomes. First, it reminded everyone just how essential hairdressers are in our lives. Starting with me: I was really missing my hairdresser during that first lockdown and couldn’t wait to go back to salon! It also created an incredible surge of solidarity from hairdressers, but also from customers. People from around the world were asking governments to consider hairdressing as a primary need and keep salons open – and it worked in many countries! It definitely brought the community closer together and created an incredible sense of belonging. Finally, this time also allowed us to expand online education for all. We observed more activity than ever on our instagram account, especially due to the broadcasting of our insta-lives. Our free education platform Access also boomed, showing that hairdressers were eager to use this period to refine their craft.  

Why is it so important to share inspiration – particularly on a global level?

Hairdressers are both artists and scientists. And they need to keep fuelling their artistic side. Today, clients know no boundaries to inspiration-finding. Women surf the web and can be inspired by any style from any influencer in the world. This is why, among hair artists, it’s important to stay inspired by hair pros from all over the world, as we offer in La Revue.

But more than just inspiration, we also need to understand the techniques behind the trends, and be able to replicate them on any hair type. At L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, it’s our priority to give all hairdressers both the inspiration and the technical education to achieve any look, on any hair type. 


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