Lizzo’s Tiny Bag Wasn’t The Best Thing About Her AMA Look…

by charlottegw / last updated November 27, 2019

lizzos ama look

She may have nearly broke the internet with her tiny bag at the American Music Awards this week, but Lizzo’s AMA hair look deserves a couple of column inches too.

Scroll down to see Lizzo’s gorgeous 1960s inspired updo and to find out how it was created…

Crafted by celebrity hair stylist Shelby Swain, Lizzo sported a ponytail with side sweeping fringe and on-trend hair flip/flick. The updo was styled super glossy and sleek, all thanks to various ghd electrical tools. 

The Inspiration behind Lizzo’s AMA Hair Look

Shelby explained that the hair look inspiration came from a retro 1960s TV sitcom. “The inspiration for tonight’s hair was I Dream of Jeannie,” Shelby said. “Lizzo’s dress was short, puffy, fun, and super 60’s vibes so we wanted to create an iconic 60’s hairdo to match the dress. We gave her an updo that was as flirty as her tiny purse.”

Tip & Techniques

”To create the look, I first blow dried her hair using the ghd air® hair dryer and ghd paddle brush,” Shelby explained.

“After blow drying the hair, I took the hair up into a sleek ponytail. Then I flattened out the ponytail using the ghd platinum+ styler to get the hair super straight and shiny. Next, I flipped out the ends of the ponytail using the ghd curve® soft curl iron for a flirty, final touch.”

Products Used

ghd air® hair dryer
ghd curve soft curl iron
ghd platinum+ styler
ghd paddle brush

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