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by charlottegw / last updated September 17, 2021

wella professionals true grey

If your clients want to embrace their silver or grey hair, Wella Professionals has the perfect new launch to make their hair shine brighter than ever before – True Grey.

Introducing True Grey

Either applied as a full head or an express service, True Grey will revolutionise the way your grey-haired clients feel about their hair. We spoke to Clayde Baumann, Wella Professionals top artist and Passionista, to find out how he’s been using it in D&J Ambrose Salon.

“I was approached by Wella Professionals about 8 months ago to test their new launch True Grey. I have found, and I’m sure a lot of colourists have too, that there’s a new demographic of clients that have really embraced and welcomed their natural greys over the past year or so. True Grey is a genius way to re-engage them with colour services. But in actual fact, it’s not a colour,
it’s a pigmented treatment – it’s completely peroxide and ammonia free. Your clients might have moved away from permanent colour to embrace their grey hair, but a 100% grey look doesn’t suit everyone’s complexion. So this is for people who want to reclaim the salt and pepper hues they once had.

True Grey gives gorgeous tonal effects on natural grey hair – there’s no lift, no permanency and the colour fades on tone. It can only be used on virgin grey hair and it’s designed to mimic the natural highs and lows of grey hair (think Judi Dench!). It can either be used in placement to create natural looking sections – you could isolate areas to be coloured darker for example, or as an all-over treatment.  Personally, I’m loving using True Grey as a clever way to get my grey-embracing clients back into my chair.”

The True Grey range

wella true grey

There are seven grey-based oxidative toners within the range. With no need for intermixing, each tone is beautifully crafted to be used pure with the Activator.

No1 Activator
A dedicated low volume activator, to ensure results are free of lift and damage.

No2 Clear Conditioning Perfector
Designed to leave the hair soft and manageable, you can use the Perfector to dilute the toner, as an express treatment, or as the final step after application.

Course on True Grey are available face to face or online at the Wella Studios.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Wella Professionals.

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