How Working with a Brand Can Boost your Hairdressing Career

by akesha / last updated May 9, 2019

Jay Birmingham with andrew fitzsimons

There are many ways to propel your hairdressing career depending on which part of the industry you are interested in. One thing that is undeniable though, is the vast pool of opportunities that present themselves when you work with a brand. We spoke to Jay Birmingham, who’s brand connections recently landed him a job with Andrew Fitzsimons in LA…

As an extensionist I started working with Beautyworks as I trusted their products and valued the quality of their stock however the opportunities this has since brought me has been incredible and proves how affiliating with a brand that is heavily involved and influential in the industry can benefit your career.

I recently travelled to LA and worked with the Kardashians personal hair stylist, Andrew Fitzsimons on a super exciting campaign creating cool, on trend looks.

Not only do projects like this enhance your skills and open you up to a whole new range of techniques and tricks, they also add value to your services from your client’s perspective.

If you are perceived as a hairdresser that is selected to work on campaigns like this with well known names, clients love that and it instils another level of trust from their point of view in your ability as their stylist.

Consider if there are opportunities for you to assist on advertising campaigns or team up with their brand ambassadors and collaborate in that way.

These projects are incredible for pushing you out of your comfort zone, developing your understanding of hair and current trends and providing you another aspect of work outside the salon floor which is really rewarding.

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