This is how Ishoka have Sustained Success For 30 Years

by akesha / December 23, 2017


Aberdeen-based Ishoka Hair and Beauty is celebrating 30 successful years in the hair industry. Business partner Malcolm MacNeil shares his tips for how to stay ahead of the game while keeping your loyal customers happy…

1. Create a realistic mission statement
When we decided to open our salon in Aberdeen, we all agreed on our mission statement from the get-go. We knew it was realistic and achievable, but we also knew we would have to maintain and develop this through the salon’s success.

2. Always have a plan
In business, you must always have a plan A, B and C so you’re prepared if something takes an unexpected turn. This applies to every part of your salon from the build and refit to daily team news.

3. Communication is key
Communication is one of the most important factors for achieving success. Always ensure business partners are aware of any decisions that are being made and that you keep your clients in the loop when relevant too.

4. Honesty is the best policy
Always be truthful if something is not right or does not work. In business, you sometimes have to criticise to succeed however doing this in a constructive way can help the person or the business go in the right direction.

5. Be organised
This is one of the most important factors for having a successful salon. When running a business, paperwork must be completely organised and easy to access at all times.

6. Look after your team
Your salon team’s commitment and passion will help your business succeed. Whether it be a team night out or dinner after work, show that you appreciate what your team does for you and make them feel like they are part of your salon family.


7. Industry training
Education is the foundation of the hair and beauty industry. Our team are continually taking part in industry training days and courses and we hold regular training evenings in the salon. It allows us to extend our services, as we are seeing such fast-paced movement in new techniques and trends.

8. Promote customer service
A high standard of customer service has always been a priority and we expect nothing more than exceptional when it comes to looking after our clients. Try and remember details about your client such as their favourite drink or recent holiday. Going the extra mile will never go unnoticed and this is the secret to client loyalty.

9. Love thy neighbour
Our salon sits along Albyn Terrace in Aberdeen, which houses some of the city’s most luxurious boutiques and shops. We have a great relationship with our neighbours and partner with these brands when we’re doing events as it’s a win-win all round.

10. Think outside the box
Offer your clients something they won’t receive anywhere else. For example, we serve home-made tablets (a Scottish, sugary confection) with a lavender infusion. We also offer a concierge service for VIP clients where we will pick up lunch and try to help with any other requests. We also organise lots of fun events to keep our clients engaged.

11. Take your time
Making a rash or quick fire decision isn’t always the best way to progress. Take your time, decide on the end goal and work out how you are going to tackle it.

12. Embrace social media
Promoting your brand on social media is a must. Create an online persona which replicates the atmosphere in your salon. Be open, inviting and encourage interaction. We have seen an influx of new clients by promoting certain offers or stylists across our platforms.

This article originally appeared in the January 2018 issue of Hairdressers Journal, and was written by Laura Husband

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