iSalon Launches New Online Consultation Forms with Beauty Disclaimer

by lydiah / last updated February 26, 2020


iSalon has announced the launch of a new Command Centre Module with new Online Consultation Forms.

The form allows iSalon salons to generate and complete a beauty disclaimer for each individual client via the software in order to easily access their information and status within the salon.

When a new client visits a salon for the first time, this new launch from iSalon software system will be helpful. The stylist or beauty therapist will be able to take the client through the disclaimer to confirm things such as any allergies the client may have or the date of their patch test and much more.

This new addition to iSalon’s Command Centre will also be fully customisable for each salon to personalise and tailor to their brand. Salons will be able to upload their logo and modify the page to strengthen their brand image and ensure compatibility with all clients.

The client will be asked to sign the disclaimer, which will then be stored in a password protected portal, to ensure security and peace of mind for both the salon and client.

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