Introducing Fabriq: Personalised Treatments and Products to Transform Hair

by chloeweldon / last updated July 21, 2022

Fabriq personalised products and treatments for hair

From straighter, smoother hair, to natural curls with fantastic definition, unleash your clients hair with Fabriq, the new brand with innovative protein-based treatments and products that repair, strengthen and transform all types of hair so that it’s easy-to-manage and impossible not to love.

A new brand built on the strongest foundations

Fabriq comes from the team behind two other established professional brands, KeraStraight and INNOluxe. They’ve been working with this unique protein-based approach to healthy, strong and easy-to-manage hair for years.

The hair industry is always evolving, science developing and trends shifting. We’re excited to dive even deeper into advanced hair repair for everyone.

Jez Barnett and John Hubbard, founders.

Proteins and personalisation

Fabriq’s range of in-salon treatments and at-home products use sophisticated blends of proteins that work with the hair’s natural keratin.

Whether your client’s want to repair and strengthen damaged or weak hair, transform their unruly, frizzy locks so they’re super-easy to manage, smooth and straighten, or add definition to curls, Fabriq will work for both you and your clients.

Meet the family

You can personalise in-salon treatments to suit your clients individual hair type, condition and goals with Fabriq’s two in-salon treatments:

Quick Fix: A dream for creating stronger, healthier hair. It takes just 30 minutes and the results last for up to 30 days. You can also intensify the treatment and the results by upgrading to Quick Fix+.

Reset: A pro when it comes to transforming every hair type so it’s straighter, smoother, softer, shinier and oh-so strong for up to four months at a time.

Plus, Fabriq’s two ranges of aftercare:

Build Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask: Perfect for fine, thin or limp hair, adding strength and softness with each use.

Hydrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask: A dream for hair that’s coarse, dry or damaged, adding lightweight moisture with every use.

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