Introducing the 2018 Fellowship Teams

by akesha / February 9, 2018

Fellowship Teams

The 2018 Fellowship teams have taken part in their first sessions together since the 2018 F.A.M.E team announcement at the Fellowship Luncheon in December,

All of the Fellowship’s new team members had introductory sessions with their mentors to get to know one another and hear all about what’s in store for them as a part of their team.


Fellowship Teams fame

The FAME team mentor, Nick Irwin, and the new members met at Anthony and Pat Mascolo’s Library Space. They discussed plans for the year ahead and the exciting opportunities the team will have such as heading to Sydney, Australia for Hair Expo with BaByliss PRO.

Nick Irwin said: “It was great to finally meet my new FAME. Team for 2018 and spend the day getting to know them. Their energy levels were fantastic, and I truly believe that we have an incredible year ahead of us. I was so excited to share details of some of the brilliant things we have planned for them, including amazing education days and the trip of a lifetime to Australia for Hair Expo in June. Massive thanks to Anthony and Pat Mascolo for the use of their inspiring Library Space.”

Colour Project

Fellowship Teams colour project

The Colour Project Team kicked off their year with an introductory session and a presentation skills workshop at the RUSH Academy in London. Mentor Chris Williams led the session, getting the team up to speed with the exciting calendar he has planned for 2018.

Simon Shaw of Simon Shaw Education provided a dose of education with a presentation skills session. Team member Caitlin Haynes from Idlewild Hairdressing said: “I took so much away from our first day. I am really looking forward to this year and I can’t wait to pick up a tint brush and start some colouring. Bring on meeting some fantastic people and spending my year alongside some of the most talented individuals.”

Project X

Fellowship Teams project x

ghd’s Academy was the setting for Project X’s first team day. Mentor Kai Wan led the introductory session, mapping out the plans for the year and getting the team ready for the journey. Edward Hemmings from Alan d Education used some of the session to help the team perfect their presentation skills. Each team member put together a mood board based on something special to them, which they presented to everyone.


Fellowship Teams club star The Alan d Academy in London hosted ClubStar’s first meet of 2018. Here the team was introduced to their  mentor Simon Tuckwell who spent the day getting to know them and helping them to bond as a team. Simon began the day by talking his team through his own journey with the Fellowship, which also began as a ClubStar member.

Simon said: “The team’s first day was incredible. They are such a strong team and I cannot wait to see how their year goes. Each member is so talented and has such passion for the industry. They are all definitely going to be ones to watch in the future and I am glad I get to be a part of their journey!”

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