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Meet the Range From INNOluxe That Really Packs a Punch

by charlottegw / last updated February 3, 2022

innoluxe v3

INNOluxe V3 range will revolutionise your salon service menu, speed up appointment times and leave your clients’ hair looking and feeling amazing.

In fact, it’s so revolutionary that the industry’s finest can’t stop raving about it. “INNOluxe is overtaking so many other bond-builders,” explains Sophia Hilton INNOluxe global ambassador. “Just like smartphones, it’s so important to constantly be making updates. I believe this is why INNOluxe is overtaking so many other bond-builders”.

Time meet the V3 range that will change the way you do things in the salon…

V3: repair you’ll really notice 

The INNOluxe V3 range rebuilds hair so it looks, feels and really is healthy, inside and out. V3’s Advanced AminoBond Technology creates a super-strong network of sulphur bonds and a conditioning shield that protects every strand. The result? Hair that’s stronger, softer and shinier.

Add ReBond V3 to colour to kick off the bond-building, or swap in Foam V3 for a Stand-Alone treat. Follow up with Balance Plus V3 to complete the repair, feeding the hair with amino acids and extra proteins. And round it all off with Elixir V3, our incredible leave-in treatment and prep cream. Don’t get left behind. Try V3 today. 

Meet the leave-in treatment that packs a punch

Elixir V3 repairs and conditions hair using lots of the same ingredients as INNOluxe’s in-salon V3 range – but this little beauty can also be used at home. That means your clients can top up the INNOluxe magic every day, for longer lasting repair and incredible hair. Plus it’s perfect in-salon as a prep cream, too.

Maybe that explains why everybody loves Elixir V3…? Don’t miss the opportunity to give your clients what they really want.

Here’s what the pros say…

“INNOluxe is overtaking so many other bond-builders”
Sophia Hilton

“My favourite, Foam V3, is so easy to use and the condition it leaves the hair in is second to none.”⠀
Sarah Spiers, @chaulkeducation


INNOluxe never rests, working relentlessly in the lab to uncover the next secrets to even more powerful repair and hair that’s so healthy you can feel it.

It’s time to unlock the next level in hair repair. Don’t get left behind.

For more information on the brand, head here!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with INNOluxe.

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