How To: Create Ultimate Volume in Textured Hair with ghd

by akesha / last updated June 29, 2020

Textured Hair with ghd

For summer 2020 ghd turned to the runways to find inspiration for their lookbook, entitled Summer Punch. We love this textured hair look using the Afro pick attachment.

Prep using ghd smooth & finish serum.

When hair is 80% dry, stretch out sections and direct ghd helios at the hair on high heat to stretch, then cool shot.

Using ghd helios pick, stretch out the roots up to 2 inches away from the scalp, using high heat, then cool
shot to set.

Continue this stretching and cool shot technique to stretch and direct the shape as desired.

Textured Hair with ghd finished look

Detail the side of the hair by folding and securing with this season’s mint green and cobalt blue hued hair combs.

Tip from Charlotte Mensah – How to create volume in textured hair

“Attach ghd’s professional comb nozzle to the ghd helios professional hairdryer. Then place the comb nozzle at the base of the hair, right off the scalp and use it to gently lift the hair for more volume without disturbing the curls or coils.”

“Another great trick is to style the hair upside down – by doing this you are essentially causing the roots to stand up and create volume. ghd’s professional diffuser is great for creating soft volume, as well as giving a frizz-free finish to naturally curly hair. Use a low-speed and medium heat with ghd’s professional helios hairdryer for best results.”

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