How to Subtly Enhance your Clients’ Curls with Colour

by akesha / last updated May 16, 2019

how to colour curls for summer

With summer moments away your clients will be on the hunt for a new exciting way to vamp up their hair. But not everyone will be ready to make big changes. A subtle colour change is perfect for those not willing to experiment too much. Here, Lauren Wiltshire, artistic educator at Salon Success tells us how to colour curls this summer for a sun-kissed hue.


To create this look, you will need the following products:

#Mydentity demi-permanent hair colour — 4NI (Natural Ice)
#Mydentity demi-permanent hair colour — 5BB (Brown Beige)
#Mydentity demi-permanent 6 vol developer
#Mydentity Big 9 Crème Lightener
#Mydentity 20 vol developer
#Mydentity demi-permanent hair colour — Naked 8
#Mydentity demi-permanent hair colour — Naked 10


For hair that has some root regrowth, mix together #Mydentity demi-permanent 4NI, #Mydentity demi-permanent 5BB and #Mydentity 6 vol demi-permanent developer in the following ratio: 30g 4NI + 15g 5BB + 90g 6 vol developer, and apply to the roots — this will help create a natural highlighted look.

While this is processing, mix #Mydentity Big 9 Crème Lightener with #Mydentity 20 vol developer in a 1:1.5 ratio.
Paint this mixture onto sections of the hair, freehand (you choose where) — this helps to even out the lightness from the top section of the hair to the underneath sections

Tip: Take a one-inch section of hair and tease it back with your fingers before painting to help create a seamless blend

Leave to develop for 25 minutes or until the desired lift is achieved. Then rinse, shampoo and condition the hair.

Next, towel dry the hair and apply #Mydentity Naked 8 to the lightened sections
Once that is done, mix #Mydentity Naked 8 with #Mydentity Naked 10 in a 2:1 ratio and apply this throughout the ends

Leave to develop for 25 minutes and then remove.

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