How To Colour Afro Hair with Vivid Colour

by eleanor / last updated April 26, 2021

Afro Hair Colour Vivid

Want to know how you can get the best results when using vivid colour on Afro hair? Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon and Crazy Color ambassador, shares her tips to give you confidence, get perfect results for your clients and diversify your salon services.

How to colour Afro hair with vivid colour

Perfect your consultation

 During your consultation, it’s important to assess the condition of the hair and work out a plan with your client so they know what to expect.

“One of the biggest fears I have come across when working with textured hair is the concern from the client about condition, even though they are dyeing their hair to try something fun,” says Sophia.

“Condition is really key when working on textured hair and one of the best things about Crazy Color is that it creates absolutely no damage whatsoever,” she says.

Work out how much you need to lift

 As Afro hair is darker, you’ll need to lift so the vivid shades can pop. “You only need to lift the hair one or two shades to get something completely different,” says Sophia. “A deep cyclamen, a rich purple or fiery red needs very little bleach for a really powerful result. My recommendation is to do the lightning process only once, and then enjoy a variety of Crazy Color over the top over 12 months,” she says. “Lighten once, then have fun a million times.”

Will vivids be popular for SS21?

As salons reopen, you can expect more adventurous clients to walk through the door.  “Vivid colour is going to make a big impact in SS21 for one major reason, home bleaching is a little less popular with Afro and textured as the hair type is more fragile, which means that with the opening of salons we will see an explosion of colour from our natural texture clients,” says Sophia.

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