How to Boost Salon Profits this Party Season

by eleanor / last updated December 3, 2020

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Have you heard about Wella Professionals’ new Color Fresh Masks yet? Discover how you can use these new professional masks to boost salon profits this party season.

There are multiple ways Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks can be used to boost your business. You can use the masks to generate income while your business is closed, as an add-on service for clients sat in your chair or the masks can be added to your retail offering for clients to take home and use between their colour appointments.

What are Color Fresh Masks and how can they boost salon profits?

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks are temporary colour depositing hair masks that will give clients’ visible colour results in under 10 minutes. The masks can only be obtained from a professional salon or hairdresser so you can use them to create a real buzz for your clients.

The masks contain Wella Professionals’ carefully selected dyes for professional colour results and care ingredients that will leave your client’s hair feeling healthy. Plus, the masks are designed to give clients visible colour results in just 10 minutes. There are 11 ready-made temporary colour-depositing masks available – seven natural-looking shades and four vibrant ones.

How to use Color Fresh Masks to boost your salon profits

Use Color Fresh Masks as an add-on service

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks deliver colour results fast, so they are the ideal add-on service for a client who has booked an appointment for a cut and blow-dry but could be tempted to revive their colour.

For a client who wants to neutralise their shade, try applying to golden and brassy areas first and apply to the lightest areas last. The lighter and more porous the hair, the more visible the tone will be.

For clients who want to revive and refresh their colour apply generously to the lengths and ends and comb through for even results.

If a client wants to leave the salon with a temporary new shade work the shade into the hair in small sections and apply generously to each section. Advise your client ahead of time that the add-on service will take up to 20 minutes if they wish to achieve additional intensity.

Add Color Fresh Masks to your retail offering

Color Fresh Masks are the ideal purchase for clients to take home at the end of their hair appointment. The masks are designed for weekly use and you can explain they contain nourishing ingredients that will keep hair healthy.

The temporary natural or bold shade, depending on your client’s preference can either be used to extend their colour between hair appointments or to experiment with a temporary bright or pastel shade.

Advise clients to wear an old t-shirt when applying the Color Fresh Masks at home as the mask could stain their clothing. The masks are easy to apply at-home but require professional advice to do so. Ask your client what result they would like to achieve and then explain how long to leave the mask on the hair and where to apply it for their desired result.

Generate extra income when your business is closed

If your business is unable to open due to a lockdown, Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks could be an ideal way to generate some extra income.

You could create social media content to inspire your clients to test out a Color Fresh Mask at home. You could offer to deliver the masks directly to their front door or post the masks out to them. But, don’t forget to give virtual consultations on how to use them.

The Colour Fresh Mask Range

There are 11 masks within the range – four vibrant shades and seven more natural-looking shades.

The 7 Natural-Looking Shades

1.Copper Glow

color fresh mask copper

This shade will revive and maintain vibrant copper tones.

2. Pearl Blonde 

color fresh mask pearl blonde

This shade is for pre-lightened and lighter levels to maintain a platinum finish without dramatically changing the tone.

3. Golden Gloss

color fresh mask golden gloss

This shade revives light blonde and highlighted hair with sophisticated golden tones.

4. Lilac Frost

color fresh mask lilac frost

This shade has an anti-yellow formula to revive blonde hair. It is ideal for pre-lightened and lighter tones.

5. Rose Blaze 

color fresh mask rose blaze

This shade will create deep rose tones on medium blonde and pre-lightened hair. The lighter the hair the brighter the rose.

6. Caramel Glaze 

Color fresh mask caramel glaze

This shade will revive medium blonde and brunette balayage hair types with a caramel finish.

7. Chocolate Touch 

color fresh mask chocolate touch

This shade will revive brunette hair with an elegant rich chocolate tone.

The 4 Vibrant Shades

1. Mint

color fresh mask mint

Make a statement with fresh mint.

2. Red

color fresh mask red

Use this shade to transform blonde hair.

3. Blue

color fresh mask blue

Use this shade to transform pre-lightened hair.

4. Pink

color fresh mask pink

Use this shade to transform pre-lightened hair.

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This article is sponsored by Wella Professionals.

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