Here’s How to be a Healthy Hairdresser

by laurahusband / last updated May 19, 2020

Healthy Hairdresser

We meet the health and wellness experts who will help you to introduce a wellness strategy into your salon for a healthier and happier workplace…

Essential exercise – Nicola Addison 
Nicola is a personal trainer and wellbeing expert who will provide her key insights and tips to keep you fit. She will share the best exercises to alleviate sore limbs, help you to understand the importance of posture in the workplace as well as provide valuable information to keep your brain focused throughout the day.

Nicola says…
“Being on your feet all day in a salon and all of the repetitive movements can have an impact on your health. Undertaking just a few targeted exercises will help to prevent aches and pains and make your daily job that little bit more enjoyable.”Diet and nutrition – Yvonne R. Wake
Yvonne is a nutritional life coach. She will explain how mindful eating can keep you sustained during a busy day at the salon without the need for any sugary snacks.

Yvonne says…
“Sustaining energy throughout the day is easier if you start with a proper breakfast. Whole grains are a long-lasting energy source, which means you will not feel hungry for hours a er a porridge or wholemeal toast breakfast. Eat complex carbs such as vegetables and protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner to stop unnecessary snacking.”

The power of sleep – Dr Neil Stanley
Neil is a sleep expert who has been involved in sleep research for almost 40 years. He started his career at the Neurosciences Division of the RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine and will share his insights on how a restful night’s sleep will make your working day easier.

Neil says…
“Good sleep is crucial to your physical, mental and emotional health. People actively attend to their nutrition and exercise, but sleep is often overlooked. Good sleep will help you to look good, feel better and be more productive in the salon. I will share tips on how to make time for sleep in your daily routine.”

Relaxation for the mind and body – Anne Murray
Anne is an aromatherapy expert who will give tips on how to relax the mind and body. She will share the benefits and a practical guide to using essential oils for your own relaxation at home and within the salon.

Anne says…
“Aromatherapy is a great way to relax. Working closely with clients and meeting their expectations can be emotionally stressful. Plus, running a business demands mental focus and standing for long stretches is physically demanding. Carefully selected and blended essential oils can help you to deal with stress during your busy day, ease a weary body and help you to get a good night’s sleep.”

Emotional support – Janet Taras
Janet Taras is an award-winning public speaker and communication strategist. Her teachings focus on key elements such as how speaking can enhance your confidence, help to refocus and clear your mind during challenging times.

Janet says…
“As a hairdresser you are there to support people, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of your own wellbeing. Learning how to listen and engage without becoming involved is a skill worth practising. The best gift that you can give anyone, be it a client or an employee is support and acceptance.”

Mindfulness – Terrence the Teacher
Terrence is a clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness coach. He teaches mindfulness as a practice and uses hypnotherapy techniques to help people become more relaxed, calm and able to have a good night’s sleep. He will show you how to manage the endless thoughts that can distract and jeopardise a peaceful mind. Learn how to accept yourself, your surroundings and any situation.

Terrence says: 
“Change is always possible and the time for it is now. I will help you to use mindfulness techniques to become more relaxed.”

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