How the Hairdressing Industry is Supporting Earth Day

by eleanor / last updated April 22, 2021

Hairdressing Industry Earth Day

Thursday 22nd April marks Earth Day, a global initiative that brings people together to help pave the way for a better environmental future and highlight the climate change crisis. And the hairdressing industry is playing it’s part to support Earth Day.

According to a report from booking platform Treatwell, one third of those who actually go to green salons in the UK are Treatwell users, and a few have mentioned that they’ve found a green salon via the app. However, consumers say that choosing a green salon takes more effort (33%), so highlighting your sustainable efforts has never been more important.

As the hairdressing industry unites to support Earth Day, we’ve rounded up the initiatives and eco-friendly efforts brands are running to support sustainability.

How the hairdressing industry in supporting Earth Day


In line with Earth Day, sustainable luxury haircare brand Davines has announced its campaign, ‘Still we are not there yet’, an awareness-raising project that outlines the company’s path to net zero emissions by 2030.

As part of the campaign, Davines has launched a video on its social media channels and will launch a collective challenge through AWorld, the official app selected by the United Nations to support the ActNow campaign against climate change.

By inviting users to download the app and take part in the challenge, Davines aims to involve its partner salons and all consumers to take a central role in the fight against climate change. The goal is to provide practical suggestions on how to help reduce CO2 emissions linked to human activity and incentivise the people involved to become an active part of the process with simple day-to-day actions.

L’Oréal Professional Products

L’Oréal Professional Products is aiming for all L’Oréal sites to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, and 73% of L’Oréal Professional Products brands are made in carbon neutral plants.

L’Oréal Salon Emotion is hosting exclusive Sustainability Savvy Salon Emotion Talks. The first one featured its partnership with Green Salon Collective, a progressive company that enables salons to recycle the previously unrecyclable. More L’Oréal Salon Emotion Sustainability Savvy Talks will be coming soon.

Cloud Nine

In line with Earth Day, CLOUD NINE has announced it latest sustainability commitments for 2021.

After launching the world’s first branded hair iron recycling scheme in 2019, this year it is launching the world’s first curling wand and hairdryer recycling scheme, where you can recycle any braded tool in any condition and receive a 10% discount on

Additionally, CLOUD NINE has also made a commitment to plant 10 trees for every purchase made online in April, in partnership with Ecologi, and are offering customers the option to choose eco-friendly outer packaging for their order.


 Launching on Earth Day, R+Co BLEU is making a lasting commitment to the environment with packaging that is both recycled and recyclable, using 100% post-consumer recycled material, which use 88% less energy to produce. This includes recovering plastics and single-use components once the initial lifecycle has been completed.

Tubes are constructed from bioresin sugarcane plastic, which has been shown to biodegrade in 180 days in soil and 60 days in compost. Canisters are crafted from 100% aluminum. A recyclable resource, 75% of the aluminum ever produced in the United States is still in use today.

Cartons and secondary packaging are developed from 100% post-consumer recycled paper sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified farms and feature soy-based inks. Additionally, a sheet of seed-embedded paper is included with each product which, when planted, grows wildflowers. R+Co BLEU partnered with One Tree Planted, so with every BLEU purchase, a donation is made to promote reforestation efforts around the world.


BLACC + BLOND, a Birmingham based hair salon, has announced its latest initiative, which aims to be the most sustainable and eco-friendly salon in the UK.

The salon already uses only 100% renewable energy now has a climate positive workforce, with owner Anil Salhan pledging to offset the carbon emissions of his staff. In addition, BLACC + BLOND will donate 10% of new client services fee to helping efforts to plant trees across the planet as part of its project titled ‘Green Is The New Black’.

The salon has already installed eco-friendly shower heads that reduce water wastage by 65% and stock numerous ethical product ranges products which they deem to be ethical, all the way down to the toilet paper which is made from bamboo.


Ahead of Earth Day, Hairstory hosted its Sustainable Beauty Summit, bringing together leaders from the beauty industry to discuss sustainability in all forms. Eli Halliwell, CEO of Hairstory, joined in the discussion and said: “This summit is meant to be a conversation among a bunch of people who are real leaders in this industry and who have tackled the challenges of being a sustainable business and met frustrations but tons of successes as well.

“[Sustainability is] all about shades of grey, there are very few blacks and whites. I know there’s a temptation as a consumer and as the press to put things in black and white, but what we are here to talk about today are those shades of grey.” 

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