How Long Should These Afro Services Take In Salon

by akesha / last updated September 13, 2019

Afro services in salon

Customer services is so key to ensure repeat business in salon. Keeping your clients in the loop about how long their services might take is one way to make sure they trust that they are being attended to from the first step of their appointment. With the wealth styles you can achieve on textured hair some Afro services will require an extended appointment.

We spoke to Natasha John-Lewis of My Hair Bar about a few time-consuming services and how long you should allocate for them…


Extensions take around 3-4 hours to install and may even be a bit quicker if the client arrives at her appointment with pre-washed hair. But it’s worth noting that it’s sometimes difficult to give an exact time estimation as other factors need to be considered such as hair thickness, length of hair etc. And another variant on time will be does the client want a leave-out, closure, or full head leave out? All things considered allow for up to 4 hours at least.

Box Braids

Box braids takes up to 4-5 hours if hair is pre-washed, but you also have to consider the length of braids required.


A cut on dry natural hair takes about 2 hours to complete from start to finish, depending on the condition of the hair, length and texture.

Texture Release

Texture Release have just reformulated its system and it works extremely well on natural hair. I like to give around 2-3 hours timeframe to complete the treatment, again, depending on the texture and length of hair.

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