Welcome to HJ’s Apprentice Week 2021: The Official Schedule

by eleanor / last updated February 15, 2021

HJ Apprentice Week 2021

HJ’s Apprentice Week 2021 is taking place between Monday 8 February to Sunday 14 February to tie in with National Apprentice Week and help to support apprentices through these difficult times.

Whether you are just starting out as a hairdressing apprentice, or want to support your apprentices in your hair salon, our week of content will cover everything you need to know about being a hairdressing apprentice during the pandemic.

HJ’s editor Laura Husband said: “It’s been a crazy 12 months for the entire hairdressing industry but for those of you just beginning your hairdressing career journey as apprentices, juniors and college students trying to study and learn the craft of hairdressing it has been really challenging. We hope HJ’s Apprentice Week 2021 will give all of you who have made the decision to join our fabulous industry the chance to share your personal experiences, what you’ve learned over the past 12 months as well as what you would like to see from your salon owners, teams and lecturers moving forward.”

She added: “Apprentices, juniors and college students are the future of our industry so we want this week to be a celebration of what lies ahead for all of you and all of us by highlighting the passion, inspiration and creativity you will be sharing over the coming months and years!”

HJ’s Apprentice Week 2021: Content Not to be Missed This Week:

Click here to read HJ’s Apprentice Week content which will be updated as the week progresses:

Monday 8 February: How Apprentices Coped During the Pandemic

Tuesday 9 February: What Do Apprentices Need/Want From Education/Salon Owners in 2021?

Tuesday 9 February: Here is the Truth About What it Means to Be a Hairdresser

Wednesday 10 February: Helping Apprentices with Their Mental Health

Thursday 11 February: How the Industry’s Best Hairdressers Learn from Mistakes as an Apprentice

Friday 12 February: Apprentices Reveal their Inspiration for Becoming a Hairdresser

Saturday 13 February: In Salon vs Colleges vs Academies: What’s Better for Apprentices?

Sunday 14 February: The Cringeworthy Mistakes You Made in Hairdressing School

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