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by eleanor / last updated March 2, 2021

HJ Upskills

Salons up and down the country face another lockdown, but HJ is here to support you during these challenging times with our new ‘HJ Upskills’ lives, designed to help you boost your business, digital and creative skills.

“We know it’s a really difficult time – mentally, physically and financially – for all of you so we’ve created a new weekly live series called HJ Upskills to help keep you motivated throughout this current lockdown,” says Laura Husband, Editor of Hairdressers Journal International.

“There will be a different session or piece of content every day that will help you to ‘upskill’ from a business, digital or practical point of view. Our ultimate aim is to help you feel raring to go once again by the end of this lockdown and like you’ve learned something new in the process – whether that’s a practical tip, a new digital tool to generate extra revenue or a practical piece of business advice to kickstart your business when you can reopen,” she adds.

“You can use the comments during our live sessions to engage with others within the hairdressing community who are going through exactly the same thing as you and ask our experts live questions too! We hope you enjoy our new HJ Upskills series and we look forward to seeing you all ‘virtually’ during the live sessions!”

What to expect from our HJ Upskills series from 28 February – 4 March…

Sunday 28th February – Tuesday 2nd March – PB World: 3 day global online event for hair, beauty, spa & aesthetics professionals

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Wednesday 3rd March – 10am – Styling to the Max with ghd, with Grant Williams, supported by ghd

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Thursday 4th March – 10am – Building an Online Community with Phil Evans

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