HJ Interiors: OFF-CUT Barbers in Camberwell is a Masterclass in Minimalist Design

by charlottegw / last updated August 27, 2019

Sitting on the corner of a busy independent high street OFF – CUT Barbers is a Scandi-style barbershop with a minimalist heart. Since opening in Camberwell in Autumn 2018, the barbershop has found its home amongst the style-conscious workers, visitors and residents of the South London area.

“We wanted to create a barbershop that followed the rules of essentialism,” explains co-owner Danny Abbott. “For us, that meant stripping everything back to the bare essentials. We’ve created a space for our barbers that enables them to create great work and build a rapport with clients.”

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Fact file
Name: OFF – CUT Barbers
Address: Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London
Owners: Danny Abbott and John Jones
Size: 5 chairs
Staff: 5
Design: Minimalist and Scandinavian

In keeping with the essentialist aesthetic the interior of OFF – CUT features white-washed walls, resin floors, simple birch ply furniture and a striking black and red vintage motorbike that takes centre stage. The interior is simple but doesn’t feel bare. White, mid-grey and soft dark grey are the primary shades in the space, as well as carefully placed foliage that gives it a relaxed feel.

The interior design was led by Pinterest boards and sketches by co-owners Danny and barber John Jones. John has been a barber since he was 18 years old and Danny has a background in barbershop marketing. “We were very hands-on from the outset,” explains Danny. “We did everything from pouring the resin floor to white-washing the walls, painting the exterior and making the bespoke birch ply furniture. This kept costs down and ensured the finish was exactly what we wanted at every step.”

Day strip-lighting on the ceiling creates a light bright enough for barbers to work efficiently and the dual aspect and four large windows add to the light, bright and airy studio vibe. In fact, just like a studio the space is open plan. The reception sits in the centre which means all of the team can take payment and finish transactions with every customer. The open plan space means that from the moment a client walks through the door they are looked after by their own barber. It’s personal service like this that keeps clients coming back and the resident dog might help too.

The waiting area is simple in style. A bespoke birch plywood bench is enough for five people to wait and there are a couple of matching stools that can be pulled out if needed. The bench offers a view of the whole shop and allows first-timers to see what OFF – CUT is all about – great service and perfect cuts delivered in a chilled and minimalist setting.

Dan and John’s top tips

Search for the best deal
Hunt around for quotes as you can always find things cheaper than they first appear.

Make sure everything is functional
The central location of our reception desk means barbers can walk up to it and take payments easily.

Work hard
We did a lot of the work ourselves to save money and we also wanted to make sure the finished result was to our high standard.

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