HJ Hair Inspo – Speaking to Some of the Biggest Names in the Industry

by akesha / last updated August 21, 2020

HJ Hair Inspo is our YouTube Series where we ask some of our favourite hairdressers burning questions. From career journey to where you’d find them at a party, Hair Inspo lets you get to know a select group of industry names even better!

Sally Brooks

In Sally’s Hair Inspo we learn who her hair hero is and the the thing that makes her most proud (it’s not her double British Hairdresser of the Year win, surprisingly).

Anthony Mascolo

Ever the cool customer, Anthony keeps his shades on throughout the video but he does let us in on the last time he cried.

Robert Eaton

British Hairdressing Awards Colour Technician of the Year Hall of Famer Robert talks us through his favourite images, passion for cycling and his ultimate hair hero.

Andrew Barton

The Headmasters creative director talks about Beehives, Bobs and Blowdries and his hobbies (including running ten marathons!)

Darren Ambrose

Ever wondered what’s on Darren’s bucket list? Or who he’d trade lives with? You need to know the answer to both of these questions.

Charlotte Mensah

Warning – you will want to move to Notting Hill after you watch this Hair Inspo. Also Charlotte touches on her love of baking which the filming crew got to sample on the shoot and we can assure you it tasted phenomenal.

Andy Heasman

What would Andy save in a fire before he’d save his staff? The money of course! Jokes aside this Hair Inspo gives a great insight into what gives Andy the stage presence that he has.

Cos Sakkas

What gets Cos up at 6am? White T-shirt season obviously! Also his life would have been very different if he wasn’t a hairdresser – firstly it would have included overalls…

Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes loves origami. These are the kind of things you learn from watching Hair Inspo. Also his most embarrassing moment will give you secondhand embarrassment.

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