How to Help your Clients Care for Their Wigs and Weave

by akesha / last updated September 11, 2018

weave care

Despite the increase of black women ditching the relaxers over the last decade that doesn’t mean that your clients are loathed to try a protective style. In fact, more women are opting for wigs and weaves to give their hair a break from excessive styling. It’s important to leave them armed with the right tips to help care for their weaves to give their style longevity and keep it in tip top condition. We spoke to British Hairdressing Awards Afro Hairdresser of the Year 2018 finalist Junior Green on how he advises clients on weave care…

Treat it like your own hair
To get the best out of a weave the client needs to treat it as if it were their own hair. If its fitted properly by a professional and looked after, a weave should last for up to 12 weeks.

Shampoo weekly
I’d recommend shampooing a weave once a week. Prior to shampooing, a weave should be thoroughly brushed through to avoid any matting and tangling during the shampoo process.
Use lukewarm water, as hot water can cause the weave to tangle.

Give the base attention
When rinsing hair, pay particular attention to the base of the weave, as this is where product can lodge itself. It’s also very important to ensure the base of the weave is thoroughly dry after washing, to avoid the build-up of a damp odour.

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