Headmasters and Central St Martins Opened The Fashion Awards 2019

by lydiah / last updated December 13, 2019

The Fashion Awards 2019

On Monday 2 December, at the Royal Albert Hall, Headmasters styled an incredible 180 models at the Central St Martins White Show to open The Fashion Awards 2019.

This is the first time Central St Martins had been invited to open the celebrity event, with stars from Rihanna to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Naomi Campbell and Tom Cruise supporting the event. Their attendance helped recognise the high creativity and innovation that surrounds fashion.

The Fashion Awards – The Show

The Central St Martins Show, which was sponsored by L’Oréal Professionnel and created to draw attention to voices of change, protest and the modern generation. In our society we are reaching boiling points both socially and environmentally, the number of protests and movements, such as Extinction Rebellion and The Global Climate Strike is ever increasing.

The power of a person’s voice was symbolised by the links to Opera in The White Show. The show demonstrated how the students’ voices came together as one to feature a display of individuality and express a collective message of the innovation behind new design and sustainability through the choice of fabrics.

What was the Hair Concept at the Fashion Awards?

Nicole Iroh, Headmasters creative ambassador and hair lead for the show explained: “We were asked to create theatrical and flamboyant looks in keeping with the Operatic theme, but to also keep it cool and a little spontaneous. The three looks had a lot of volume, so back-combing was key and with a wide range of diverse models it was important to adapt the looks to reflect the model’s hair type and length.”

First look – The hair had fluffy volume, which wasn’t too structured but instead more windswept. This was created through lots of backcombing with a brush and ghd hairdryer, with pieces of hair sectioned off and hair pinned to one side.

The Fashion Awards 2019


Second look – The wet look was created by putting gel and hairspray all over the roots and back of the hair. Some hair pieces were put over the eyes and down the face, these were flat from the root on with a wavy texture like the models had emerged from water. Hair was soft with no parting and slicked to the body.

The Fashion Awards 2019


Third look – This look had a strong centre parting with a texture mixture of waves and crimped hair to create a triangular shape. Underneath random pieces of hair were backcombed, then using a hair iron, the hair was clamped over and brushed out to give a slept in feel.

The Fashion Awards 2019

 Headmasters Team:

Nicole Iroh
Clare Hansford
Tony Hristov
Samuel Hankin
Grace Okello
Sian Quinn
Daniel Vitali
Mitchell Dyer
Daniella Fowler
Calum Jenkins
Scarlett Wood
Luke Tyrrell
Edward Moss
Natalia  Vera Lopez
Bartolo Cacciapaglia
Mariana Inman
Yuliya Yotova
Daizy Dervishali
Alex Jewiss
Caprice Holmes

Headmasters Future Stars:

Seann Richards
Lucy Evans
Luca Bacciu

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