Hairdressing Searches Have Increased by THIS Much

by charlottegw / last updated June 16, 2021


A new hair report has revealed the UK’s spending habits, where they’re spending the most and just how much hairdressing searches have increased.

New data from Dojo, a UK-based payment provider, analysed the most asked questions on Google to reveal the most in-demand queries post-lockdown, and where the most amount of money was being spent in the UK when it came to beauty services.

The study also analysed Dojo’s own data to find out how much was spent and which UK cities spent the most.

The results!

Nail salons saw a 474% increase in searches, whilst hair saw a 357% increase and beauty 107%.

Type of store Question February 2021 search volume March 2021 search volume % increase in search difference
Nail salons When do nail salons open? 5,550 31,860 +474%
Hairdressers When do hairdressers open? 35,520 162,540 +357%
Beauty When do beauty salons open? 10,520 21,810 +107%

The data found that Brits couldn’t wait to sit back and have their hair restyled after salons reopened in April. Whether opting for a full colour or just popping in for a cut, it was found that hairdressers had a +357% increase in searches when it came to the reopening of hair salons.

Nail salons (+474% search increases) and beauty salons (107%) also saw a huge increase in searches when they reopened.

Who spent the most?

West Londoners are spending the most when it comes to hairdressers…

Rank Location Average £ spend between April 12th – April 29th 2021
1 West London £71.14
2 Edinburgh £70.73
3 Kingston £70.61
4 South West London £69.13
5 North West London £63.02
6 Croydon £61.91
7 Chelmsford £61.01
8 Torquay £59.56
9 Portsmouth £59.34
10 Crewe £57.81

West London are the top spenders when it comes to hairdressers, totalling up to an average of £71.14 per trip. Edinburgh has come second, spending £70.73, and Kingston doesn’t seem to be far behind, spending an average of £70.61 per transaction.

There is only a £13.33 difference in spending between West Londoners and residents of Crewe. However, £57.81 is still a substantial amount to spend per transaction on a trip to the hairdressers.

Edinburgh is the only northern city to spend the most in this list, with the remaining top 9 being in southern England.

Consumers still loyal to local 

According to research by Dojo 57% of businesses stated that they feel their customers appreciate small businesses more, but 24% felt there had been no change.

Adding to this, 70% chose to shop locally to support local businesses, whilst 62% state that they are closer to them and involve less travel.

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