Hairdressers Reveal Their Weirdest Client Requests

by eleanor / last updated February 8, 2021

Among the usual trims and balayage, you’ll often come across the occasional out-there request, but some of the downright weirdest client requests stick with you throughout the rest of your career.

Below, we asked hairdressers to spill the beans on their funniest – and weirdest – client requests that they’ve had in the chair. Get ready for a giggle…

[UPDATE] When we posted this story to our Facebook and asked our readers for their own peculiar client requests, we couldn’t have predicted how hilarious, random and a little concerning the responses would be. So, we couldn’t resist putting together a gallery of these weird encounters, which you can access by clicking this story’s lead image above. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Hairdressers’ Weirdest Client Requests

“Mine would be from a woman who had been a client for years – one day she sat in the chair and at the beginning of the consultation she said: ‘Mark – can you just make me look as though I’ve been shagged senseless?’”

– Mark Leeson, Mark Leeson

“One client used to bring me in pictures of her dead cat as she wanted that ‘tortoise shell’ look. Another used to have a micro-fringe and bring photos of Jim Carey off ‘Dumb & Dumber’ for reference.”

– Sophie B, Colour Me Sophie B

“Clients can often get lost in various home remedies for hair care they may find online. One that stuck with me was a client who brought in drained rice water in a bottle to wash their hair with.”


“When a client came in for a colour appointment and showed my colourist a black and white picture in a magazine and said she like this colour.”

– Joseph Ferraro, Joseph Ferraro Hair

“A client once asked me if I could perm her dog’s fringe… the fringe was well into the poor fella’s eyes, but she ‘would have hated’ to lose the length on it, so she asked me if i could perm it instead and make it look ‘nice and bouncy’. Of course, I kindly declined.”

– Danilo Giangreco, Danilo Hair Boutique

“I had a phone call from a regular client… who will remain nameless… to ask if we would colour her ‘merkin’ to match her hair colour (created by us) . She offered to mail it to us in a jiffy bag. We politely made our excuses and declined the business!”

– Mark Creed, Idlewild

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