Haircuts4Homeless Restarts As Lockdown Restrictions Lift

by eleanor / last updated April 26, 2021

As salons reopen across the nations, charity Haircuts4Homeless has also returned, helping homeless people by providing them with free haircuts.

What is Haircuts4Homeless?

The charity community has a team of hairdressers who volunteer their time to provide haircuts free of charge for those who are homeless. The service helps to instil self-esteem and confidence to those living on the streets.

Founder Stewart Roberts has spent the last six years building up the charity from a single session in Essex to 65 projects across the UK and Ireland, with over 600 volunteers and over 40,000 haircuts given so far.

As they reopened on 14th April at Whitechapel Mission, as well as 15 other projects reopening across the UK over the coming weeks, Stewart said: “I can’t wait to get out there. Big love to everyone in the hairdressing industry and getting back to what we love is going to be so special.”

During lockdown, Haircuts4Homeless started their podcast, Hear Me, See Me, which has interviews with homeless people to the volunteers, the people who work in the homeless centres and their global ambassador, Game of Thrones Star Lena Headey, and many more, helping to give homeless people voice and helping them from feeling invisible.

Why is Haircuts4Homeless so important?

Homeless people face many challenges to face, one of which can be a low self-esteem. A haircut can have a great effect on anyone’s confidence. It’s often way down on a homeless person’s priorities with what lack of money so the service is very popular and needed. One of people’s basic rights is to feel good about ourselves, and this service can give this to people and bring a smile back to their face.

Want to support Haircuts4Homeless? You can join the Haircuts4Homeless team near you and donate to the charity here.

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