Haircut4Homeless Academy Gives a Second Chance to Homeless People

by hjiadmin / last updated June 6, 2019

haircuts4homeless academy

The first Haircuts4Homeless Academy has opened its doors to teach people on a low income a lifelong skill that will help them get into work.

The Haircuts4Homeless Academy was set up when hairdresser volunteers found that many of the homeless people they met whilst volunteering had had previous experience working in the hairdressing industry. The Academy offers training sessions to a broad range of student, from complete beginners to those who have had more formal training.

“It was surprising how many homeless people had some previous experience in hairdressing, from cutting hair in prison or more formal training,” explained Stewart Roberts, veteran hairdresser and founder of the Haircuts4Homeless (H4H) community.

Stewart Robert added: “Homelessness damages peoples’ capability: they lose skills; they can’t think about employment while worrying about housing; their health becomes impaired due to being homeless. It knocks their resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence.”

H4H Academy courses have been supported by The Jet Training Academy, Akito Scissors and and Evo Hair Products. City & Gulild will be collaborating on a bespoke qualification for the students while Akito Scissors will be presenting them with a pair of professional scissors upon graduation.

The Haircuts4Homeless Academy courses are aiming towards empowering the students to feel in control of their lives, believe in their skills and move on from homelessness once and for all. The courses are set to spread all across the United Kingdom, once the project sees initial success.

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