hair shots 2 world competition winners

Meet Hair Shots 2 The World’s First Global Competition Winners

by hjiadmin / last updated August 16, 2019

Hair Shots 2 The World’s competition winners have been announced!

Hair Shots 2 The World is a global PR service for the hairdressing industry. The company also submits up to eight shots to the world’s top hairdressing on their clients’ behalf.

In early July the company opened up their first global competition. Hairdressers were invited to submit their collection and have the chance to win a photographic collection release to hairdressing magazines, publications and social media sites around the world.

The entries were judged with an international panel of experienced editors from Salon Magazine Canada, Images New Zealand, Frizer Slovenia and Red Mane Media UK.

Who are the two winners?

hair shots 2 world competition winnersNicole Kae shared her excitement to win this opportunity. She told press that the winning collection was one of her favourites as it took her out of her comfort zone. She explained: “It was one of those ones where I knew people would love it or hate it. I love working with different fabrics in the hair, and it was so fun exploring Peruvian culture, fashion and modernising it into the hair world.”

The other winner, Nicole Pede, shared her gratitude for the accolade. She said: “Thanks so much to Hair Shots 2 The World and judges for this amazing opportunity, competition like these give stylist like myself the platform to showcase our passion and hard work.” [displayed as a lead image]

Who won the Merit award?

hair shots 2 world competition winners

Leanne Cutler, Hair Shots 2 The World managing director, shared that the merit award evolved because the scores between the top twelve entries were so close that it was fair to acknowledge the field of excellence.

The award went to Kylie Hayes of Moha Hairdressing in Dunedin, New Zealand.

“I told myself that I would win this because I needed this. I’ve seen what Hair Shots 2 The World has done for salons over the past few years and already decided that I must get on board to start working with professional PR,” Kylie commented on her win.

Leanne also announced that the competition will develop further for 2020.

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