This Salon Does Not Use Shampoo – Here’s Why

by hjiadmin / last updated June 20, 2019

Mathew Alexander hair salon no shampoo

In a revolutionary turn of events one London salon now no longer uses shampoo at their backwash, thanks to their collaboration with cleansing wash brand Hairstory.

London salon Mathew Alexander has made the move to eliminate shampoo from the salon because of environmental impacts and the Mathew’s personal views on traditional foaming shampoos.

Hairstory aims to make people rethink the hair and products they use. As an environmentally-friendly company, they do not believe in using shampoo and a number of other hair products due to the environmental impact of the ingredients and packaging.

Thus, they invented New Wash, a shampoo-free hair cleanser which is 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, Hairstory has joined 1% for the Planet* and has committed to donating 1% of their proceeds from sales of New Wash bottles to help solve water-related issues around the world.

The brand is a great match with Mathew Alexander’s values and beliefs. The acclaimed hair stylist has a passion for conscious living and sustainability is at the heart of his business. Speaking about the collaboration Mathew says: “I’ve been a fan huge of Hairstory’s concept and products from the moment I used them.”

His salon has great eco-credentials too. For example, the worktops are made from recycled marble, eco-friendly paint is used and the ‘Green Hug’ styling chairs are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

What is more, his back bar is completely shampoo-free. Whatever hair service a client requests, including wash and blow-dries, no shampoo will be used on their hair.

“I don’t use shampoo on myself and I believe that my clientele deserves the best scalp and hair cleansing option too,” Mathew shared. “The result you’ll get with a blow dry that uses New Wash over a regular shampoo is incomparable. I also love Hairstory’s styling and finishing range, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with them.”

*The 1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. They have raised more than £137.59 million to date.

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