Hair Population in Numbers Shows which Region is Most Trusting

by akesha / last updated July 16, 2018

hair population

International insurer Hiscox has carried out research into the hair habits of individuals throughout the UK. According to the research, two out of three Brits would trust no-one except a professional to cut their hair. Here are the results for your hair region…

Northern Ireland
People in Northern Ireland are the least trusting with their tresses with 84% not letting anyone but a professional touch their hair.

Six out of 10 London would let a family member, friend or partner cut their hair for them. One in 10 Londoners cut their every two weeks and one in seven get a dye job at least every month.

Scotland, North West and East Anglia
People in Scotland are the most likely to leave it between six months and a year before getting a haircut, followed by the North West and East Anglia.

South West and East Midlands
People in the South West and East Midlands are most likely to leave it six months or more before getting their hair dyed again (8%).

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