A Guide to Understanding and Finding Loyal Customers

by laurahusband / last updated June 6, 2019

guide loyal customers

Understanding your loyal customers is critical as otherwise they will leave you for the nearest competitor, warns brand artist Jo Robertson.

A common mistake salon owners and stylists make is misunderstanding their ideal client. More specifically, the error is not spending enough time getting to know them. Many shops are closing on the high street, but salons seem to be popping up everywhere. Plus, consumers are more aware than ever about the professional techniques and products that are readily available in every channel.

How can you cut through the noise to grow your business? If you ask yourself honestly would you be able to explain who your ideal client really is? You may feel you know who comes to your salon but is this the person who will future proof your business? The better you know your ideal client the more you can provide a service that can help them.

Be your client’s solution

Take a look around your salon today – are the products you stock simply items that get dusted on a regular basis or are you stocking products that your ideal client buys from you on a regular basis? Do you have services on your menu that no-one books?

If you can offer the solution to someone’s problem, you will make money in business. The better you know your ideal client, the easier it is to provide them with the services they need from you, instead of the services you want to provide because you and your team like them.

The power of email

The most powerful form of communication is your email list. In a recent questionnaire, 60% of salons said they had never sent an email to their salon database. You have the most powerful computer systems with thousands of email addresses, yet three fifths of those surveyed chose not to communicate with their clientele.

For a consumer to give up their email address to a brand means they are interested in what they have to say. This is your golden opportunity to talk to your ideal client and ask them what they want from you and to tell them about your new services and special offers.

Use your client’s tone of voice

Clients will no longer just walk through your door, your ideal client is looking for services that will help them to solve their hair problem, but you need to tell them you have a solution.

If you are trying to build your salon, do some market research and start creating Instagram polls. If you feel you have designed the salon of your dreams, but clients don’t book – start to ask them why?

Once you have identified your ideal client, you will be able to market to them in their tone of voice. You will also provide them with the services they need – this could be more late-night openings if your ideal client works full time or being open on Sundays.

Tap into your client’s emotions and give them what they want because people buy services and products to make themselves feel good. A client can’t be told they should come in for a colour, you need to sell them the story of what you can offer, and it needs to tap into their emotional needs.

3 steps to finding the ideal client

1. Put together a questionnaire that can be completed at reception before a client leaves the salon. Find out how your story/experience resonates with your ideal client – why are they attracted to you, what part of your story excites them and makes them feel like you ‘get’ them and can help them?
2. Start to write a blog to show your clients that you are a hair expert.
3. Be consistent – once you know what your ideal client needs, be consistent. Build your brand and be consistent with it and they will return to you.

Jo also uses her brand experience to help deliver your goals and achieve results quickly. Go to @Jo Robertson_hairagency or visit her website for more information.

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