ghd Teaches Clients How to Self-Check Breasts With Take Control Now Campaign

by laurahusband / last updated July 15, 2020

ghd self-check breasts take control campaign

ghd has launched its Take Control Now campaign in partnership with Breast Cancer Now to encourage female clients to self-check their breasts for breast cancer at least once a month. The brand has embossed a monthly reminder on its new limited edition pink tools that says ‘Take Control Now’ and has created self-check breasts videos for hairstylists to share with clients.

ghd is donating £10 from the sale of its new limited edition pink collection to Breast Cancer Now as part of the campaign. The new limited edition collection include the ghd platinum+ pink limited edition, ghd gold pink limited edition and ghd helios pink limited edition. The professional tools are coated in a delicate dust pink and embossed with the central campaign message – Take Control Now to ensure women of all ages don’t forget to self-check their boobs at least once a month.

ghd has supported breast cancer charities globally for the past 16 years and to celebrate this anniversary it  has partnered with 11 incredible women who were diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 35. The 11 women are sharing their personal stories as part of the campaign’s key message to donate some mirror time to boobs and self-check every single month.

ghd how-to self-check breasts video for the Take Control Now Campaign

The official video for the ghd self-check breasts Take Control Now campaign shows hairstylists and clients how to self check breasts once a month as part of the Take Control Now campaign.

Self-check breast checks as part of the ghd Take Control Now campaign should be carried out when a client is naked and stood in front of a mirror.

The three key steps to give clients who want to self-check their breasts each month are:

  1. Touch the breasts
  2. Look at the breasts
  3. Feel the breasts

Watch the video below for the specific introductions on how to self-check breasts as part of the ghd Take Control Now campaign:

ghd Take Control Now campaign’s key stats to share with clients:

  • 120,000 women under the age of 35 are diagnosed with breast cancer each year
  • Only one in two women regularly check their boobs for signs of breast cancer
  • 90% of 18-35 year-olds check their boobs a few times in a year or less


83% of women in the UK use a hair styler at least once a month, which is why the limited edition ghd pink stylers carry the embossed message – Take Control Now

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