Gamble Aware Launches Mobile ‘Bet Regret’ Barbershop

by charlottegw / last updated August 27, 2019

bet regret barbershop

The charity GambleAware has launched a mobile barbershop that will travel the country. The ‘Bet Regret Barbershop’ will encourage self-reflection by sports fans on their betting behaviour as they learn about the ‘Bet Regret’ campaign in exchange for a free trim.

‘Bet Regret’ describes the universal feeling of remorse bettors often get whenthey make an impulsive bet – particularly when chasing losses, drunk or bored.

The barbershop tour is part of a major campaign targeting young men, the group at highest risk, 92% of whom go to the barbers at least once a month. The Barbershop will be visiting several universities, with research conducted by the Gambling Commission revealing that 1.2 million students in the UK gamble, two in three have gambled in the past month and one in four student gamblers bet more than they can afford.

But this isn’t any regular barbershop. Inside are top of the range barbers, trained indiscussing Bet Regret and raising awareness about the risks of placing impulsive bets. These bets are often placed whilst chasing losses, drunk or bored.

The tour kicked off in Manchester on Sunday 12 May with Manchester City fans heading into the barbershop ahead of their crucial, Premier League winning tie against Brighton, discussing their side’s chances and reflecting on their betting behaviour.

The Bet Regret Barbershop will now travel to venues with a large number of sports bettors, including sporting events, university campuses and city centres, talking to sports fans about Bet Regret.

Multiple universities will host the barbershop truck as research for the Gambling Commission3 found that two in three students gamble, whilst another study has shown 67% of younger male sports bettors agree that it is easy to get drawn into risky betting behaviour – the kind of behaviour highlighted in the Bet Regret campaign.

As well as being sports fans, research has found that 92% of this group also attend the barbers at least once a month and it is an environment where men feel comfortable to have open discussions. On the tour, experienced barbers will encourage young male sports fans who bet to learn more about Bet Regret and reflect on their own betting behaviours while receiving a free haircut.

Nick Maclure of Maclure Barbers in Manchester, one of the resident barbers on the mobile barbershop for GambleAware, said: “As barbers, we are used to our customersopening up to us about personal topics that they wouldn’t typically discuss. I’m lookingforward to touring the country and chatting openly to fellow sports’ fans about their betting behaviour, raising awareness about Bet Regret. We will be shining a spotlight on bets they might immediately regret, promoting conversations between friends, with the ambition of encouraging bettors to reduce higher risk betting so that their future betting is safer and less impulsive.”

Marc Etches, chief executive officer for GambleAware, said: “This is an important way to engage with communities across the country and open discussions with sports bettors, enabling them to consider the risks involved with betting and reflect on it. With our barbers, people will have the opportunity not only to receive a haircut, but also develop their understanding of Bet Regret and consider their betting behaviour in the future.”

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