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The French Crop is Back – Here’s What You Need to Know

by hjiadmin / last updated August 27, 2019

The French Crop is a traditional yet timeless style that has come back into men’s fashion. We spoke to the experts to see how they are bringing it into the 21stcentury.

Read on to find out top tips for creating the look, a how-to and the celebrity fans of the French crop.

What is it?

Similar to a Caesar cut, the French crop consists of hair that is cut short on the back and sides, and kept slightly longer through the top, either combed forward over the forehead or pushed to the side depending on the length.

This is the perfect hairstyle for a man who wants a long-lasting and low maintenance style.

Seen recently on the stage at Barber Connect 2019, the style is clearly becoming a hit again with clients and barbers alike. The Denman D25 Fantail comb was used on stage to create a neat, textured finish on the style.

Key expert advice

The key to this style is to understand your client’s head shape according to Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing.

He advises looking closely at your client’s headshape first, before using your clippers. “Look to see if they have any lumps and bumps and assess their hair and head prior to clipping any hair,” he explains. He also suggests ensuring you use all halves and quarters on the graders to get the perfect, seamless blend. This will take more time, however the result will be worth it.

French crop fans

Zayn Malik is amongst many celebrities who have opted for a French crop recently. Cillian Murphy has also showed up to many movie premieres with a modern version of the French crop. Justin Timberlake, Rami Malek and the Insta famous Chet Sket (pictured above) are also followers of the French crop trend.

How to Recreate the French crop,
by Salv Mulé, salon director from Academy Salons

  • Firstly, clipper fade from 1.5 down to zero.
  • Then layer the top and remove the corners, while keeping up the weight.
  • Make sure to dry the front section of the hair and create a sharp, blunt fringe.
  • Finally, personalise this style with paste or gel for a wet look. Comb through the wet products, in order to create separation in the hair.

Lead image via @chet_sket Instagram

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